Warranty Information

To activate the extended 3 year guarantee you must register the product at www.tritontools.com within 30 days of purchase. Should you not wish to register, a standard 30 day guarantee period will apply.

This guarantee, and the guarantee period, begins on the date of retail purchase as detailed on your sales receipt.

If this product develops a fault within 30 days of purchase, return it to the stockist where it was purchased, with your receipt, stating details of the fault.

If this product develops a fault after 30 days a guarantee claim must be submitted.

Your original receipt indicating the place and date of purchase and product designation, precise details of the fault requiring correction, your guarantee certificate, and your name and address must be submitted to validate the claim.

Shipping is non refundable. All products should be in a suitably clean and safe state for repair, and should be packaged carefully to prevent damage or injury during transportation. We may reject unsuitable or unsafe deliveries.

All work will be carried out by Triton Tools or its appointed repair agents. The repair or replacement of the product will not extend, or renew the period of guarantee. Retained tools, or parts, for which a replacement has been issued, will become the property of TritonTools. The repair or replacement of your product under this guarantee provides benefits which are additional to, and do not affect, your statutory rights as a consumer.

What is covered:

The repair of the product, once verified to the satisfaction of Triton Tools, that the defect is due to faulty materials or workmanship. If any part is no longer available or out of manufacture TritonTools may replace it with a functional replacement.

What is not covered:

. Normal wear and tear caused by use in accordance with the operating instructions e.g. blades, brushes, belts, bulbs, batteries etc.

.  Accidental damage, faults caused by: improper use, abnormal environmental conditions, overloading, insufficient maintenance, careless operation or handling of the product.

. Use of the product for anything other than normal domestic purposes.

. Change or modification of the product in any way.

. Defects caused by the use of parts or accessories which are not Triton genuine components.


Service Request

If your product has developed a fault after 30 days please contact one of Triton Approved Service Agents. The Guarantee Certificate issued during the registration procedure together with your original sales receipt will be required in order to proceed. To maintain the life of your tool, only our Service Agents can perform warranty repairs.

Triton Approved Service Agents are authorized to undertake repairs to your tool during your warranty period as well as providing repair and routine servicing for all Triton products. If your product is outside the guarantee conditions, a cost will be provided before proceeding with the service or repair.

Triton Approved Service Agents:

Toolstream Inc.
380 Crompton St, Charlotte, NC 28273, USA
Toll Free US: +1 (855) 227 3478